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Benefits of owning a house during the lockdown

18 June, 2020

Owning a home may be a dream to many Indians, but the actual benefits of owning a house is more palpable during the lockdown for Covid19. It feels more secure with your family when you have your own home.

While many of the tenants have been suffering in their rented apartments during the lockdown, home owners on the other hand, enjoy some key advantages of having their own roof overhead.

Scrap the rent burden

A large number of people have raised concerns about their inability of paying rent during the coronavirus outbreak. We all know that many people are stuck away from their own homes due to the lockdown. But what many of us are unaware is that a large number of people had to continue paying rent to their landlords, even though they did not use the property.

Such people, who left their workplaces to visit their abode during the lockdown, had to pay rent for their rented accommodation near to their workplaces. You can get rid of this rent burden easily by accommodating into your own apartment.

Bank offers for home buyers:

Banks have offered a 3-month-breather in the form of EMI moratorium to the home owners to pay off their home loans. Thus, having an EMI has thus proved more beneficial during these times versus paying a high monthly rental that could have otherwise been used to own an apartment. Besides, there are special lockdown offers and discounts in the price of new apartments. This in forward, will play a vital role to influence potential buyers to buy an apartment.

Nowadays, owning a home is very simple and easy. Home loans from reputed banks are made easy for the working section of the community. In Kolkata, there are various non-banking home loan options as well. Calculate your EMI accordingly.

Keep your pets without any worry

Many speculated that having a dog, cat or even a rabbit can help spreading the virus more. After an apparent increase in the number of corona virus cases in India, there were reports of objection from the landlord against keeping pets. As a rumour, some people started believing that having animals in the vicinity can boost the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus. Hence, it was difficult for various pet owners to make their landlord understand the harmlessness of having a pet during the coronavirus.

While, on the other hand, taming your pets in your own house comes with any worry of objection. It makes a headache-free living not only for you but also for your pet. However, if you are considering to bring home a new pet during the pandemic, then you have to be a little cautious.

Mental satisfaction:

Owning an apartment or house is beyond about its shelter and comforts. It’s about the content and fulfilment of your mind that triggers peace and satisfaction. While many are struggling with worries about their future entangled with their respective rented accommodations, home owners were deprived of this burden during the pandemic. They had a piece of satisfaction that helped to combat the adversities of the coronavirus outbreak nonchalantly.

Gems City brings to you, its special lockdown offers and discounts like never before. Get to choose from the wide range of apartments and bungalows within your budget and fulfil your dream of owning a home. Hurry, offers lasts till June 30th.

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