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Give Your Home a Complete Makeover with Some Simple yet Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

25 December, 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and this year it is more likely for us to spend more time indoors. Given the current pandemic, we are limited to celebrate this big day with a huge gang outdoors. Hence, we need to spend more time this year to decorate our house indoors and be with our close ones. Here are some exhaustive Christmas home decoration ideas that will let you to give your home a complete makeover almost effortlessly.

Complete makeover to the entryway

The entryway is probably the place where any home decoration starts. A pretty decorated doorway fills the minds of the guests along with its residents with a pleasing mindset. A foyer table provides you with the desired spaces to display the decorations in an elegant manner. One can also place a tabletop Christmas tree and add some Christmas centerpiece ideas, making it look more colourful and festive. Furthermore, adding a touch of metallic items enriches the decoration with a shiny essence to the entryway.

Beautify your walls

Windows form an integral part of your room, decorating which must not go unnoticed. It acts as an effective canvas to display one’s creativity. Once can simply hang Christmas ornaments, wreaths and garlands to beautify the windows. Adding some exotic lights and some window clings and silhouettes can also vividly give the perfect festive outlook it deserves during the Christmas. Additionally, some paper decorations and paper cutting such as cute snowflakes and trees on windows prove to be some worthy Xmas decorations.

Christmas ceiling décor

The zenith of your room paints its entire elegance. Some can use Christmas handmade decorations that can be hung down from the ceiling or make use of bright colored ribbons and stick them overhead. Garlands can also be pasted or attached the corners with a bit of papercraft to give both an expressive and impressive look.

Garnish your staircase

Staircases can be decorated with garlands’ ribbons, foliage, stockings etc. and some sparkling light strings can be placed to elevate its looks. Whether you give a snowy touch or use simple shades of red and green, your choice must strengthen the charm of your efforts. Moreover, placing pinecones, placing some false gifts, vases with faux cranberries spices up the Christmas look indoors. Houses with multiple storeys must take staircase decoration as a mandatory Christmas décor unit.

Giving a rich look to the fireplace

Christmas mantel and fireplace ideas must be dealt with utmost priority as it is the heart of the home during this eve. It is the place where Santas are considered to appear as if he can come down the chimney and come out of this mantel piece to shower kids at home with his bag full of gifts. This place must be specially decorated with plants, garlands, flowers, stockings and exquisite Christmas ornaments. The mantel can be furthered illuminated with an array of lights and candles to make a warm welcome for the Santa Clause. These Christmas fireplace ideas ensure both personal love and touch to the aura of Christmas.

Make the tablescape look grand

It is none other than the dining table at the center of the room for all guests together and relish our wonderful meal. Setting up this table not only needs perfection but also must look charming in the eyes of the visitors. The more impressive they feel, the more wholeheartedly relish their food. Once can start with a Christmas-themed table runner and decorate them with flowerpots and foliages. Placing something unique as a centerpiece such as a vase or a metal bowl and customizing it with pebbles and candles. Overall atmosphere. However, it must be kept in mind to serve the guests with festive colored crockery as an added advantage.

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