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Crèche facility at Gems City for working parents

21 November, 2019
Creche facility at Gems City

Our society has far evolved from joint families to nuclear families. Due to this, the working parents across India face some practical challenges when raise their child. This makes the availability of a trustworthy crèche facility close to home utterly vital.

Gems City brings to you an in-campus crèche facility in South Kolkata. Having such an unmatched facility proves to be a blessing for working parents. Let us have a much clear idea of how the crèche in Gems City be useful and safe for working couples with young children.

In-campus crèche

As mentioned earlier, Gems city is one of the most sought after residential projects in South Kolkata due to its in-campus crèche. Your child does not need to travel a long and tedious way to reach the crèche. It will just always be around the corner and you can pick up your child on the way home.

Relief to working parents

Most married working couples experience practical issues of raising a child. This is because raising a child means a lot more than just sharing a few hours with your kid. Thus, working parents now seek homes that have crèches nearby. In order to fulfill this requirement in an enhanced way, Gems City has made a crèche within the campus itself.

Safe caretaking

It is of utter importance for every crèche to have trained child caretakers. There are professional child development experts to take care of your child when you are gone for work. Under the supervision of these experts, your child gets proper care and guidance that is required. No matter how far you go for work you can always be connected to your child through these supervisors.

School nearby

You may find an ordinary crèche anywhere in Kolkata, where you need to allot some of your valuable time to take and bring your child to and from the crèche. To have this issue sorted, the Gems Group brings to you GEMS Akademia International School (GAIS) within the campus itself. Hence, you do not need to search for a crèche elsewhere.

Entertainment and development activities

Most importantly, the crèche has various development activities to keep your child occupied throughout the day. For this reason, you can now work in peace without any uncertainty. The environment is designed in such a manner that all the children learn to be together with one another.

Now, there is no need to have a home, a school, a crèche at different locations. So if you are looking for affordable living in South Kolkata along with a safe environment for your child, Gems City is just the place for you. There are other attractive amenities as well to look at – visit our page, 50 Reasons Why Life is Beautiful at Gems City.

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