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Creative DIY Bungalow Decorating Ideas in Kolkata

30 May, 2020

Owning a bungalow in Kolkata is one thing but in order to make it your home, needs some personalization. Yet, most of the interior designs burn a whole in your pocket. For this reason, Gems City brings to you some unique and DIY bungalow decorating ideas to bring your home closer to your heart.

Try out these simple and creative personalization tips on your bungalow to make it a complete abode for you and your family.

Handcraft unique nameplates

Having an elegant nameplate at the main gateway to your bungalow makes it stand out from the rest in your neighbourhood. Besides, it gets easier for visitors to recognize your house. There are various expensive series and range of nameplates available in the market. However, it is always better to have a self-created nameplate instead of buying a costly one.

You do not need to invest much on making an elegant and attractive nameplate, all you need some simple stuff that can be easily availed. Just follow some simple steps and give your bungalow not just your name but also your handcrafted nameplate.

DIY Accent Wall Design

This is the most cost-effective way to give any space of your bungalow a complete makeover. You do not need to have a huge budget to have a creative and amazing accent wall. There are numerous ways to customize a space with DIY accent wall.

You just need to spend some minimal amount on the colours. You need to paint an accent wall; rest is your creativity that works. On top of it, choosing the right wall paint colour is highly essential as it will be your home’s focal point. Choose colour in accordance with the furniture and other stuffs kept in that particular space. Do not be perplexed. Even if you are a beginner at it, there are various easy tutorials on creating simple and elegant accent walls without any expert hand. Just make sure to try the planned design on a piece of wallboard before trying it on the actual wall.

Hang Personal Photos

The best way to turn your bungalow into your own home is by giving it a personal look. Whether you own a 3BHK or a 2BHK Bungalow in Kolkata, hanging some memorable pictures really makes your new bungalow feel like home. This is also the most simple and cost-effective way to personalize your home.

Now, some of you may be unsure where exactly to place the images on a wall. As a result, drilling the wall for nails may not be the best option. Therefore, use removable picture-hanging strips instead of drilling the wall dubiously.

Proper use of decorative accessories

One of the best budget-friendly bungalow decorating ideas is to use aromas and flowers with minimal furniture. Keep enough space for free-movement by buying the least number of furniture you can fit in with. Moreover, using flowers and well-perfumed aromas really make any room refreshing and pleasant.

Give your bedrooms and living room a new look with beautiful flowers and plants. You do not need to purchase highly expensive vase to put in some colourful flowers. Bring out your creativity and try making some outstanding designer vase yourself. Especially for your bedrooms, use some lovely aromas with the help of a diffuser. You may also create your own room diffuser if you want.

Gardening within the boundaries

Personalizing your bungalow does not end at indoor designing, it also means to have a beautifully personalized lawn as well. This gives your home an opulent look from outside. On top of it, health experts claim that gardening has some marvellous health benefits as well.

It may sound harder than it seems, but gardening can be done easily if you manage your timing and discipline. Hence, do not be scared about with the huge amount of work involved with gardening or find it too expensive to indulge in. Gems City brings to you some easy and simple tips for DIY Gardening that can easily be followed.

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