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Crafting Your Dream Home at Gems City Joka: A Simple Guide to Interior Design

25 February, 2024
gems city-joka-flat-bungalow-home

So you’ve finally got the keys to your new home at Gems City Joka? Now the time has come to think of the next important step: How to make your dream home livable.

Do you want to move in with just the walls freshly painted, old furniture moved in, and the upholstery changed? Or, do you want to cash in on the opportunity to really work on the empty interiors once and for all, because you want your new home to look like the picture you saw in your mind’s eye?

Well… in case you agree with the latter, this blog guides you on the basics of how you should go about addressing the interior design of your new flat, and the precise order of what comes next. Even if you hire an interior designer it should help you monitor the work.

Measure Up

Take measurements of all your rooms and mark them out on a piece of paper. Then, add furniture layout drawings in order to find their ideal placement in the room, keeping in mind how people will move around.

Cut Some Wall

The flat comes with its own predesigned network of concealed wiring, but you may need a few customised points. It will entail wall cutting to lay the new concealed line extensions. Identify the source of the best natural lighting in your room, either from doors or windows, in order to decide where to place additional artificial lighting.

Furniture First

What kinds of furniture do you plan to introduce; some old and some new? Nowadays, furniture is designed keeping in mind minimum occupation of floor space with multiple utility, if possible. Design your new furniture with care. The old must be compatible with the new. Start the work on site, in case you plan on a modular kitchen, master bed, built-in wardrobe and so on.

Pick Your Colours

Next, decide on the colours that you want to use in the room. In general, it’s preferable to limit yourself to three colours, and then experiment by using variations of these and adapting them. Gather a patchwork of materials in your chosen colour scheme. Take into account the furniture, curtains, walls, floors and doors to create a harmonious finish.

Let There Be Light

Electrical work can begin to be completed now, especially if false ceiling work is to follow. Lighting plays a very important role in the room by shaping the space in the evenings and giving it a special atmosphere. When installing lighting, experiment by placing lights around the room. As hanging lights tend to visually narrow a room, a good option to consider is spotlights recessed in the ceiling, they provide a soft and more directive lighting.

Wall Makeover

Begin with wall treatment that includes sandpapering, application of wall primer, wall putty, and finally, painting. Whether you choose paint or wallpaper, your walls will certainly be the main source of colour in the room unless you leave them in neutral tones to highlight colours being used elsewhere. If you’re looking to make your room seem bigger, opt for bright or clear colours and contrast your walls with a white ceiling.

Floor Show

Gems City flats and bungalows come with original flooring. Decide whether you want renovation, like a tiles change or plank use. Try to choose a floor colour that contrasts somewhat with the walls—for example two tones lighter or darker. Also think about how the natural light will reflect on the floor; lacquered or matte finishes will give quite different effects. Flooring can also contribute to give depth to a room.

Arrange Your Stuff

Once you’ve created the overall look of your room, position your furniture. Don’t hesitate to try different combinations to see what works best. Add the finishing touches using decorative objects, without cluttering the space and keeping the colour balance.

Handover Time!

If you have hired an interior designer for the job, it is now time for the handover. Nothing can be more satisfying than to see your dream interior actually come to life!

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