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Real Estate: Your Smart Financial Move

24 November, 2023

Choosing Wisely in the Investment Maze

When considering where to put your money, the options are plentiful – from gold and stocks to fixed deposits and mutual funds. But why should real estate, especially in Kolkata, be your top pick?

Guarding Against Inflation

Inflation eats away at our savings over time, and we all need to invest wisely to safeguard our financial future. While the stock market promises quick gains, it comes with risks. For those without the time and expertise for stock market intricacies, equity mutual funds offer a safer alternative with stable returns and liquidity.

Beyond Fixed Deposits: Seeking Stability

Fixed deposits offer stable interest income and easy liquidity. However, over the long term, they struggle to beat inflation, especially after paying taxes. Gold is a cultural favourite, but investing in gold ornaments can be tricky due to purity concerns and non-recoverable making charges. Sovereign Gold Bonds, issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), provide a more secure option without the hassle of storage.

Real Estate: A Solid Investment Case

Unlike some other countries, India’s real estate market remains stable. Real estate not only provides capital gains but also ensures a regular rental income, making it a unique investment option. Even if property prices remain stagnant for a while, they eventually go up, and the security of real estate is unmatched – after all, no one can steal your land or apartment!

The Urban Boom: A Boost for Real Estate

India is experiencing significant urban infrastructure growth, with a huge Rs 10 lakh crore allocated in the Union Budget 2023-24. This will accelerate urbanisation, giving a substantial boost to the real estate sector. The current high-interest rate scenario keeps real estate prices in check, making it an opportune time to invest. Once interest rates drop, property prices are expected to rise.

Kolkata Real Estate: A Stable Choice

The Kolkata property market is known for its stability, making it ideal for long-term investment. With stable prices, now is an excellent time to invest, particularly in under-construction properties that offer potential price appreciation upon completion. Gems City is a prime example, offering quality residences with modern amenities at affordable prices due to its sheer size.

Gems City: Where Affordability Meets Quality

Situated in south Kolkata, Gems City is the largest on-going residential gated community. With 65% open space, including gardens and sports arenas, it stands out among projects in Joka. The project features a 40,000 sq. ft. lifestyle club with games and fitness facilities, setting it apart from other smaller projects in the area.

Smart Investment: Navigating the Future

In the realm of investments, Kolkata’s real estate stands as a beacon of stability and growth. As India moves towards transformative urbanisation, seizing the opportunities in Gems City and similar projects becomes a strategic move. Unleash the potential of Kolkata’s real estate and weave your financial success story in this vibrant city.

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