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5 Wall Clock Vastu Tips to Shape a Better Tomorrow

22 March, 2021

Vastu is the science of better living that entails peace and prosperity. Whether you shift to a new house or revamp your existing home, Vastu tips can really be helpful in reshaping your well-being. Placement of a wall clock within your house is also one of such Vastu that should be done appropriately.

Look for the orient

The eastern wall world was called “orient” in the olden days. So, as per Vastu, where north is not an option, the wall clock can also face the east. The eastern direction brings betterment in the karmas we perform as it is governed by the sun. For an instance, cooking gets better if done in the eastern direction. Also, the quality of work and relationships between family members and also be enhanced by placing the clock in the eastern direction.

Keep the clock running

The best Vastu for hanging a wall clock is to let the clock run all the time. Stopped clocks signify a lack of progression in life, much like time has stopped for their growth and success. It can also fetch several negative emotions and energies. So keeping the clock running and making it stay in good shape, will take good care of one’s life much like the running of time will depict the pacing of growth and success. One should also make sure that the clock runs at the correct time and not forwarded for backwarded by a few minutes. This will also keep on sending positive vibes. Any kind of broken clock should either be repaired or removed immediately.

Where to place the clock?

Figuring out where to place the clock is the most challenging and crucial decision while working on home Vastu. Other than the south, it can be placed in any direction. However, the clock must be inside the house and must never be hung over a doorway. The clock should face the east side, away from the bed for the newlyweds and should not face any door. Besides, for better Vastu, it is best to place the clock in either the north or east direction as north symbolized and east symbolized education and family. Even as per Fen Shui, the northern part is considered the most auspicious one for placing the clocks.

Which type of clock to choose?

With directions, the type of clock to be hung varies accordingly. The clock should be metallic if used in the northern directions and can be either grey or white in colour. Wooden clocks are preferred in the eastern direction. Clocks with pendulums are good Vastu signs as they usher the house with positive vibrations. Clocks with reflective glasses should not be allowed to reflect the bedroom as it symbolized the idea of fading away of time. Clocks with images depicting negative energies such as a grief war, loneliness or feeling of despair should permanently be avoided. Moreover, clocks that make a sweet chime fill human minds to look for positivity.

Face the clock towards Santa’s home

The direction of the wall clock as per Vastu must face the northern direction which is considered to be Santa’s abode. Clocks that face the northern lights are believed to bring prosperous business and better career opportunities. The north direction also is believed to attract money as well as happiness. It is the direction of Lord Kuber and Lord Ganesha, ruled by the planet Mercury that strengthens communication and business.

The apartments and bungalows in Gems City are designed in such a way that brings in good vibes and positive energy. So, decorate your home at Gems City by keeping the Vastu intact.

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